Northern Ireland based RIBA & RIAI Award-winning Architects

As a brother / sister partnership, together Roisin and Martin make a great team, with complementary skills. Roisin heads up the design and planning part of the practice, and Martin heads up the detailed design, everything technically, geeky and construction.

Their approach is ‘Designing a better future together’. On the surface, this seems to be an environmental agenda, with passive designs. However, it is much more; everyone knows the importance of developing a business plan to create a successful business. But who creates a life plan?

Martin & Roisin combine personal development and architecture, to help tease out your wants, needs and must-haves; so that you can live the life you dream. When they start on your design, they help you break through your limiting beliefs and dream and aspire for more; to understand the importance of how you choose to live.

The environment we live and work in has such an impact on our lives. Studies dating back to the 1980’s show how a well-designed hospital shortens the length of a hospital stay, reduces the amount of pain relief medication required & generally can have a positive effect the patients health. Imagine how much effect our home has on our lives!


BA (Hons) Arch NLPP Passive House Designer

Martin has not only a background in architecture but also personal transformation and mentoring business startups. He has trained with and been mentored by some of the biggest names in the personal development world.

Martin started out as an architectural technician before studying for his BA Architecture at the Art College Belfast. He has since continued to become a certified Passive House Designer and Passive House Trades Person. He has worked for 3 of the top architectural practices in Northern Ireland, with over 20 years experience in practice, working on award-winning projects up to £105 Million. Martin has vast experience in technical issues, with a particular interest in environmental and thermal performance.

To further his knowledge in the finer details of environmental construction and the cost implications within the design process, Martin decided to work for a PassivHaus registered builder, learning from the inside how to design more cost-effective buildings.

Martin has also trained with Passive House Ireland in ‘thermal bridging’ calculations. He has worked on several Zero Carbon Houses, including his own house, which has been designed to meet both Passive House and Zero Carbon standards. He is the first to design, build and be living in a Passive House in Northern Ireland. His own house won ‘FMB Energy Efficient House of the Year UK’ – the first in Northern Ireland to win this prestigious award!

Martin is our registered Passive House designer.

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Having qualified as an architect in December 2008, Roisin was already an Associate in the 20 strong North Antrim practice in which she worked, and quickly made Director.  In her position of Director, Roisin was Project Architect on a wide variety of schemes;  house extensions, refurbishment, one-off houses, housing developments, retail units, & hotels.

During a short hiatus to raise her children, Roisin decided to take on a new challenge, and set out on her own, with her brother Martin as a natural business partner.

Coming from a construction family, with parents specialising in the conservation of old buildings, Roisin was exposed to construction from an early age; going on surveys, attending trade shows, working in the office.  She learned about the problems of old buildings, the upgrading of them, and the damage damp and lack of heat can do; ultimately understanding the impact your built environment can have on your quality of life.

“As an architect, it’s easy to say that all buildings should be beautiful; but they must also work beautifully for you, the inhabitants and the environment.  We don’t preach an environmental or sustainable message; being thermally comfortable, and energy efficient should not be an add-on to any building; it needs to be intrinsic.  Built in from the very start; into a beautiful building.  We want our buildings to still be healthy and comfortable environments throughout their life-span.”

Roisin studied architecture at Queens University Belfast, receiving one of the highest marks in her year, and has had work published in newspapers and architecture magazines.  She has spoken at Belfast Design Week, and is passionate about encouraging women within the industry.

Roisin is a registered architect, with extensive experience in practice, mainly in design and planning issues.

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