An Architects Guide to…..finding a site

Many people have the aspiration of building their dream home on the perfect site; but, alas, don’t own the valuable commodity of land.
However, perseverance, hard work and a little bit of luck may make the dreams become a reality.
How to find a site
1. The obvious is to contact an estate agent. Check out their websites, follow on social media, and something interesting may come up. Give them a call and ask them to contact you should something arise in your preferred location and budget.
2. Talk to people in the locality. Some people may have gotten planning permission for a site, and just haven’t got round to marketing it yet. See an old house? Find out who the owner is and see if they have considered selling it.
3. Have a look at satellite maps of the area. Often you can identify land where foundations have been put in, in order to retain planning permission on an historic approval. Contact the landowner direct – you just never know!
Once you identify a site, contact us at Marshall McCann Architects & we will give you a free consultation. We will happily look at any planning conditions, check to ensure the site is still ‘live’, give you information on potential cost implications of your chosen site (electricity supply, water supply, access, mortgage implications, etc), and the potentials & pitfalls of the site.
Good luck on your search!