Sunday Times Ireland – An eco house with a big heart

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The Sunday Times interview with Roisin McCann, and our clients, Lucia & Paul gives an insight into the creative process when designing a contemporary, luxury, energy-efficient house.  Lucia states: “…(we) wanted a quick-build timber frame home with lots of insulation and light.  We wanted a nice steady, warm house with no draughts and no leaks.  And we wanted good daylight, space for the family to congregate…”

“I wanted an architect, someone who knew vernacular buildings and would respect the site for what it was, and also see where we were coming from in terms of the air-to-heat-pump.”

“We just said, yes, bring the light in.  We don’t want any dark corners.  We believe, ultimately, it does affect your mood and how you live every day.”

The Foyle House is built to Passive House standards; it has Mechinical Ventilation Heat Recovery (MVHR) system, good air-tightness, & an air source heat pump.  It also has Passive, natural cooling techniques, as energy efficient houses have a tendency to overheat.  The design aims to minimalise solar overheating, whilst promoting natural cooling.

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