Ask an Architect…?

How do I find and decide on an architect?Well…you have just found us!Seriously, though: all architects are required to be registered by the Architects Registration Board (ARB), so check on there before engaging anybody, to ensure they are an architect.Mostly, we would say, though, is: find someone whose work inspires you, and more importantly, that you feel you can connect with. It is soooo much easier working with someone who ‘gets you’.Why do I need an architect?Other than producing the drawings required for statutory bodies (planning & building control) and providing professional indemnity insurance, architects are designers & problem solvers. An architect will produce solutions to your problems: even problems you didn’t realise you had. Better than that: we will make those solutions beautiful!And remember…it took us 7 looong years to understand buildings and design!How much do architects charge?It’s not an easy answer. We prefer, where possible, to give a fixed sum fee (ie £xx, and stick to it), worked out on the number of hours we believe it will take us to create your vision. Unfortunately, that means we can’t give a figure here, as each project is unique: based on you, your family, your house / site, and your brief. We also offer an a la carte menu: so that you can choose how much / little you want us to be involved. If you are interested in our design skills, contact us: we aren’t scary, and wont charge just for talking ;-D. We understand that everybody has their own budget!How do we move forward with the project?Come and speak to us! The initial consultation is free. During that, we will discuss your problems (architectural!), your wishes and what we can do for you. We will also have had a quick look at your site to see if there are any issues that you need to be aware of (potentially difficult site / expensive foundations / planning issues, etc). We can also show you examples of our work, and answer any queries you may have.Why Marshall McCann Architects?We are a start-up company, with a wealth of experience behind us: so we are eager and knowledgeable. We can provide you with testimonials if you wish (some of our lovely clients may even be amenable to talking you through their experience).As a brother and sister duo, we have come to this point from 2 different paths. Roisin is a registered architect, previously a Design Director in a larger practice; with experience in planning, design and management (houses, commercial, hotels and development houses). Martin has a degree in architecture, and is a registered Passive House Designer. He comes from a technical background: working as a senior technician in a few of Belfast’s leading architectural design firms. He has also worked for contractors: his technical, practical and cost awareness skills, combined with his design background mean he has an eye for detail. This attention to detailed design meant that his own house won the FMB Energy Efficient House of the Year UK; a house which has yearly energy bills (heating and lighting / electrical) less than £600. The PV solar panels on his roof means that he actually nets £200 on his energy bills.So…go on! Give us a call.