Hillsborough Co. Down

A roadside site, this house was designed to have a contemporary façade to the public space, whilst creating a sociable rear courtyard; with all main public spaces having access and views over the patio and rear garden.

The brief was based around a number of simple concepts:

  • A ‘social’ house; whereby all the social spaces were connected, could be easily opened up to make a bigger, interconnected space, or closed off to make smaller cosier spaces.
  • All living spaces would be arranged around a social courtyard; for social occasions, and also to create a beautiful inside / outside connection.
  • Taking inspiration from agricultural buildings, the frontage of the house would be a contemporary barn; integrating the house into the rural countryside, nestled into a traditional clachan, beside the church buildings.
  • The house should be a ‘smart home’, and be energy efficient; the house and outdoor spaces are orientated to maximise solar gain.
  • The east of the house abuts a church hall; therefore it was imperative that the house ‘turned its back on’ the church, to create privacy for all the occupants.