Set within a beautiful, historic part of rural Ireland, this site is laden with history; with an historic, listed, barn, stone walls from a partially tumbled barn and many raths/forts & archaeological elements in the area.

Our brief was to insert a contemporary family home into the historic fabric; to bring the history back to life; to make use of the site, walls and listed barn.

We decided that a contemporary barn, situated amongst the stone walls – which create private courtyards – used the site best.  The house appears to career through part of the stone walls, to take advantage of the long views over the countryside.

Retention of as much of the built environment was our priority.  The stone walls, the gates, the farm elements; and emphasising some of the more interesting elements. The 3m high stone wall, and the steel posts are not only retained, but highlighted and centred in some windows and views.

As contemporary, design-led architects, working on a beautiful, historic site is an honour. This site is full of history: stone walls, listed house & barn, magnificent trees and archaeology. Along with amazing views over the countryside.

Our design needed to be sympathetic: contrast, yet subtle. Compliment the existing barn and stone walls. Protecting the historic fabric for the future.