A striking, contemporary house extension to a traditional style cottage in Co. Fermanagh.

During lockdown, many of us have had epiphanies. Realisations as to what is important to us.

This couple realised that a quiet space, away from the kids was a necessity.  And their open plan space, with gallery office above, just wasn’t working for them anymore.

The whole family were living, working and relaxing in the one, albeit big, space.  With noise travelling throughout the space, quiet concentration and phonecalls were difficult.  They decided that an extension for a separate living space, a bigger kitchen, and an extra bedroom was needed.

We extended the kitchen into the dining space, moved the dining table into a new glazed link, and a new black clad box contained the new living room and master bedroom above.

The new extension capitalises on the views and sun; and opens out onto a new courtyard space that gets the evening sun – perfect for barbecues and outdoor entertaining.

Clad in black, with haphazard windows focussing on key elements in the landscape, and a monopitch roof this extension creates a dynamic contrast to the existing cottage.