Hillsborough Co. Down

Next in the series of luxury development houses by the pioneering Four Seven Homes is Drumlough House.

Hoping to start on site in early 2024, Drumlough House is set on a site, almost hidden from the road; settled and nestled in the landscape.  On a sloping site, with near views of beautiful rolling drumlins, and spectacular long views of the Mourne mountains.

Designed with privacy in mind, this house was conceived to be unseen even from the house immediately above it.  The only views of the house will be from the furthest away road; which the garage screens against.  With a south facing rear garden, conveniently towards the views, we wanted this space to be private; a place to sit in the sun; enjoy dinner and drinks with friends and family.  The house opens up to this space; large glazed portions underneath a generous canopy.

The entrance vista to the house continues the privacy theme.  Whilst there is a softness afforded to the house via the timber cladding; there are little or no windows onto this entrance courtyard – except for one window from the kitchen, so occupants can see any arrivals.