North Antrim

Dining room extension to semi-detached dwelling, Co. Antrim

This 1930’s ‘cottage’ has been renovated and extended many times in its history: however, previous occupants had failed to allow for a dining space suitable for family use. The current occupants are using a dining table in their living room, but feel that this is a compromise on the space. Marshall McCann Architects designed a modest dining room extension, to the rear of the kitchen, creating an open plan living/dining/kitchen area. The new large sliding glass doors were angled to take advantage of the long views through the garden, whilst maximising the southerly solar gain. To prevent overheating in the summer, the flat roof projects beyond the glazing, creating solar shading against the stronger, higher summer sun. Perhaps more importantly in our climate, the shading provides a cover from the rain whilst finding your keys!

The extension will create a long room, and potentially a dark space in the middle of the house; so a flat rooflight has been designed in, along the existing wall, to flood the interior with light.